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Seattle Web Works

Tylor Launched seattlewebworks.com in 2014 and by 2015 was ranked in the number 1 position for the term “Seattle SEO”.

Logic Inbound

In 2016 Tylor co-founded Logic Inbound. By the end of 2017 logicinbound.com was ranked number 1 for the term “Digital Marketing Agency”.

Speaking Roles

Tylor has been invited to speak on the topic of SEO for various marketing conferences including WooCommerce Seattle, Seattle Search Network, and Cofounders Connect.

History In Internet Marketing

Tylor Bennett has been an internet marketer since 2012. He started his career doing mobile app marketing and generating downloads for Android app developers. Through paid advertising channels, he was able to generate thousands of download per day for several popular apps.

In 2014 Tylor started focusing his work on organic search engine marketing and launched Seattle Web Works. Over the next year, Tylor was able to rank seattlewebworks.com for the search term “Seattle SEO” and other terms in the number 1 position. He’s held those rankings to this day.

Since that time, Tylor has ranked over 50 of his own websites in Google on the first page in numerous industries. He’s also helped dozens of other business owners achieve long lasting first page rankings.


I’ve worked with Tylor on a number of internet marketing projects and I’m always impressed by his level of knowledge and expertise. His ability to create new, explosive traffic channels for websites is nothing short of astounding. I highly recommend Tylor to anyone looking to capitalize on internet marketing for their business.

Sarah Mack

President, Vitale Web Solutions

Marketing accounting services is a difficult task, especially when there are other responsibilities that take precedence, such as managing the strategic vision of the firm and maintaining employee happiness.

I tried the traditional methods marketing (i.e. direct mail, email campaigns, newsletters, etc.) and those methods hardly produced any return on investment. Then I was introduced to Tylor at Seattle Web Works. Tylor’s knowledge of SEO, SEM, lead gen, and Geo fencing is phenomenal, and everytime I meet with him for monthly updates I want to learn more about online marketing. With Tylor’s strategic marketing skills my firm was ranking number 1 on Google within a matter of months. After a year, I was ranking number 1 for 83 key search word terms within my neighborhood. After 2 years, I’m ranking number 1 within Seattle for 127 search words and showing up multiple times on page 1, all organic and even showing up on the snack pack.

It’s clear that Tylor has demonstrated he knows proven online marketing strategies, and I am lucky to find Seattle Web Works

Edwin del Carpio

President, Aldaris CPA Group

Tylor is a cool person to work with. He is very patient with his subordinates without being too lenient. He communicates clearly what needs to be done and gives his feedback in a very constructive manner. If you are looking for someone to work for or work with Tylor is your man.

Martin Allen Pascual

Copy Writer, Seattle Web Works

Tylor is a wizard at SEO and digital marketing. He consistently demonstrates an incredible level of technical skill and he has a knack for creating and managing sustainable workflows for a business. On top of all that, he’s a stand-up guy and very easy to get along with.

Craig Cainkar

Content Strategist, Logic Inbound

Tylor and I partnered on Logic Inbound and worked on many deals together. He has expertise and technical insight very few people do. Overall he’s an awesome person to work with. He’s always relaxed and simplifies complex business processes to accomplish tasks at an amazing rate. Working with Tylor has been one of the best decisions I’ve made.

Vladimir Mkrtumyan

Co-Founder, Logic Inbound

I have referred several clients to Tylor knowing that we can trust the value he will bring to them. Tylor is a great communicator giving solid strategy advice in terms that the average person can actually understand. This is something that is not common with most people that work at Tylor’s level.

Jonathan Martin

CEO, Cool Blue Web

Tylor is a true expert when it comes to internet marketing and SEO. The results he’s able to achieve and his level of professionalism and dedication to his clients’ success truly set him apart from just about everyone else out there. Highly recommended.

Adam Erhart

Founder/Marketing Consultant, Siren Consulting Firm

I’ve known Tylor a couple years now. Seattle Web Works is top notch, and he always does right by his clients (i.e. getting them an ROI). We’ve talked about SEO quite a few times, so I both vouch for and understand how he gets the great results he does for his clients.

His work is results driven, with an eye towards explaining what he does for his clients in easy to understand terms. I have never hesitated to send a client referral his way.

Tom Flann

CEO, Keel Advisors

Tylor is very friendly, professional, knowledgeable, and great to work with. I highly recommend him!

James T. Quayle

CMT, Allied Universal

Tylor is just one of those guys that knows SEO. After being in the industry for awhile, it’s easy to spot the fakers. Spend about ten minutes talking with Tylor and you’ll immediately find that he has a wealth of knowledge and experience with search engine marketing, Google trends, and social media. I’ve met him at various entrepreneurial meetups and can recommend his services to anyone looking for a true online marketing pro.

Ryan Rodden

Owner, WitBlade LLC

Tylor is amazing guy, helped me ranked my website on first place for many keywords, he really knows what to do. If you want to see good results, he is the man you can rely on it. Real professional. One of the best for sure.

Stefan Arsenijevic

SEO Specialist, GR8 SEO

Tylor is the best of the best. I’ve worked closely with Tylor on a number of occasions and he is truly a professional at what he does. Whenever I need something to get done right I know that I can trust Tylor to deliver exactly what I’m looking for and every time the quality of his work exceeds my expectations. He’s an artist and perfectionist at what he does, and that certainly shows through in the level of professionalism in his work.

Josh Wootton

Nursing, University Of Washington

It’s been a real pleasure working together with Tylor Bennett. Tylor is an insightful SEO that gets the job done, period. Responsible, reliable and multi-skilled. If you ever need someone to deliver under pressure, no slip-ups, just results, Tylor is your man!

John Singleton

Senior Business Intelligence Analyst, New York Life Insurance Company

I became a client of Tylor’s a few months back now. His expertise has yielded our company a lot of new business and we are very happy with his service. Highly Recommended!

Paul Drakes

Owner, Steadfast Media

Tylor is an expert in search engine optimization and online marketing who safely generates real results. He has a way of finding the right way to communicate; whether he uses chat, email, video or phone. His professional communication and obvious passion for SEO helps him set clear expectations, keep partners informed and present progress to customers.

Brad Schweitzer

Founder/SEO Director, CrossCadence LLC

I have known Tylor for many years. He has a calm, steadfast, and humorous approach to sticky problems. This is why I turn to him when I need advice. If you are looking for thoughtfulness and depth of reasoning, Tylor is your man.

Timothy Schmidt

Dermatology Research Track Resident, UCSF Medical Center

I have known Tylor Bennett for a couple of years now, professionally, and he is always surprising me with his vast knowledge in many critical areas of SEO, areas that most others overlook but yet, they are crucial if you want to stay ahead of your competition online.

Tylor has taught me several valuable ways of implementing optimization techniques which create rich and dynamic results in the search engines which grab the attention of the potential buyer. Tylor has opened my eyes to many advanced techniques which bring client’s sites to the top of Google, even in higher competitive markets, so if you partner with Mr. Bennett, the only way is up for traffic, exposure and sale.

I would recommend Tylor’s Expert Search Engine Optimization and Marketing Services to anyone in business looking to get ahead of, and dominate your competition online.

William Torres

Internet Marketing Consultant, keyforge.net

I’ve known Tylor for quite a few years and he has been nothing but pleasant to work with and always delivers great work!

Alvin Huang

Owner, TapClick Media

Tylor is very knowledgable and up to speed when it comes to the latest marketing and SEO strategies. He is my go to guy when I have any questions about how to do anything related to online web presence building or any type of optimization. His expertise is one of years of study, practice, and dedication and I highly recommend Tylor for any web service you need. Keep it up Tylor!

Shaquil Haque

Senior Agent, Maddock & Associates

My company and I had met Tylor through a mutual friend and SEO company I’ve previously been a client of. Tylor brought a new perspective & wide array of knowledge that, when presenting his company’s abilities & skillsets, only could come from someone who has done their work. You know right away you’re getting something worth its weight in gold and his weekly reporting shows it. We reached #1 organic search in our market in a relatively short period of time and Tylor has generously continued to guide and answer my question, on other projects I’m working on, which just goes to show that he believes in giving value. I most certainly recommend any SEO company Tylor puts his name on.

Gerald L. Matson

Founder, Easy Labz

I highly recommend Tylor for your business. Whether it’s web design or SEO work. His skills and professionalism are second to none. He understands the needs of his clients and always delivers.

Jermaine Wiggins

Owner, JW Marketing Solutions

Tylor is one of the most knowledgeable marketing professionals I know. He knows what works now and how to get fast results that last. Manipulating the search results pages is a battlefield that is ever changing and Tylor seems to stay ahead of the field when it comes to current marketing trends in his field.

I highly recommend Tylor for any projects that you may be considering him for.

Darren Boyle

Owner, London SEO

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